August 27, 2014

Exhibition - Compact

Salon des femmes got together again for a one night show in association with OUSA Art Week. Known also as 'White Night', the evening involved a gallery and studio crawl around Dunedin. This year's event was very well supported and Dunedin weather even managed balmy temperatures for the evening.

'Compact', [our brief was to respond to this word] was exhibited at 140 George St, in a small entrance way leading to Becs' studio space. This studio is also home to artists Hana and Xach from Fresh And Fruity GalleryTheir show was in the room next door presenting a night of 'Opulence'. 
Opulence is sharing all of life's positives. From creating a delicious recipe to finding the perfect dress for Spring. Curate your best lifestyle to save time, simplify and feel inspired.
 It was a really fun night, the fruit punch went down very well and by 9pm folk were returning from the crawl to listen to live music out the back.

Here's some images of the show alongside our definitions.



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